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Environmental Monitoring – Licences & Permits

Industrial activities play an important role in the economic well-being of Ireland contributing to sustainable growth but can also have a significant impact on the environment. Certain industrial activities produce emissions of various substances into the air, water and land. Bottom of Form

In Ireland, licences & Permits are issued by three main bodies:

  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • Council Councils
  • Irish Water

EPA Licences

  • Industrial Emissions (IED) and Integrated Pollution Control (IPC)

The EPA grants and enforces Industrial Emissions (IE) licences for specified industrial and agricultural activities.

An Integrated Pollution Control (IPC) licence is a single integrated licence which covers all emissions from a facility and its environmental management.

Before a licence is granted, you must satisfy the Environmental Protection Agency that emissions from the activity will not cause a significant adverse environmental impact.

The type of industries which may require an Industrial Emissions licence and/or an Integrated Pollution Control (IPC) licence include:

  • Minerals and other materials
  • Energy
  • Metals
  • Mineral Fibres and Glass
  • Chemicals
  • Intensive Agriculture (poultry and pigs)
  • Food and Drink
  • Wood, Paper, Textiles and Leather
  • Fossil Fuels
  • Cement, Lime, and Magnesium Oxide
  • Waste
  • Surface Coatings

What can We do to Help you:

  • EPA Licence Applications
  • Emissions Monitoring – Air, Noise, Water, Soil, Waste
  • Baseline Environmental Surveys
  • Annual Environmental Reports
  • Bund Design and Integrity Testing

County Council & Irish Water

  • Licences to discharge wastewater to sewer, surface water or ground.
  • Quarry Licencing Section 261 of the Planning and Development Act, 2000

Discharges other than domestic wastewater and storm water are licensable under the Local Government Water Pollution Act 1977, as amended. Prior to the development of a site, if there is a requirement to discharge effluent or treated waters to ground/ surface waters or sewer, there is a statutory requirement to obtain a discharge licence from the appropriate Local Authority.

Since 2014, Irish Water is responsible for issuing and enforcing discharge licences to sewers in accordance with Section 16 of the Local Government (Water Pollution) Act 1977 as amended. A licence is required for the discharge of trade effluent to the Irish Water sewerage network.

Licences set conditions so the discharge is treated and controlled in a manner that protects the receiving environment.

What can We do to Help you:

We advise on, prepare, submit, and monitor applications for all types of licenses and permits required by the waste industry.

We help prospective applicants determine which regulatory regime is relevant to their activity and advise on all aspects of that regulation.

To help keep facilities compliant, we prepare quarterly or Annual Environmental Reports (AERs) on behalf of clients and remain available to them to deal with any related matters as they arise.

Our environmental monitoring capabilities span groundwater, surface water (inland and marine), noise and dust, and we undertake monitoring both during the application phase of a licence, or to fulfil ongoing environmental compliance requirements for licensed or regulated facilities.

Water & Wastewater Testing
Noise Monitoring
Dust Monitoring


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