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The Laboratory maintains primary INAB (Irish National Accreditation Board) certification as well as multiple certifications from various bodies. As part of the certification status, our Chemistry Lab complies with regular on-site audits from regulatory agencies and participates in a rigorous and extensive proficiency testing program. The laboratory provides testing for Organics (by GC-FID, GC- GC/MS and LC), Metals (ICP, ICP/MS), and Wet Chemistry (IC and various conventional test methods). Our Environmental Chemistry laboratories maintain business day operational hours including weekend scheduling availability as needed for critical response situations. Samples are received during regular business hours and turnaround times (TATs) are tracked on business days. Laboratory TATs offered include same day or next day, as well as for 2-day, 3-day, 4-day, 1 week, and 2-week Standard TATs. Costs/rates are weighted based on the TAT requested with our 2-week TAT rates being the most economically cost-effective for our customers.

Sample control/processing (log-in, results data-entry, reporting) is facilitated by our Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) which tracks individual samples to help ensure we meet the clients specified due dates and special instruction directives such as reporting value data objectives. Additionally, the LIMS includes security controls to ensure that information is controlled (locked) once the data has been documented and entered by the laboratory analysts. Reports are delivered at the choice of the customer which would include email or hard copy.

All analyses are carried out to rigorous specifications and a quality control system is in place to ensure the reliability of the results. We have a dedicated team of analysts who are fully qualified and experienced in environmental monitoring and testing.

  • Source Water Testing

  • Water Treatment Testing

  • Boiler Water Testing

  • Waste Water Testing

  • Process Water Testing

  • Drinking Water Testing

  • Bathing Water Sampling and Testing


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