Aggregate Testing

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BHP is the largest independent construction materials testing laboratory in Ireland providing a wide range of engineering measuring, testing and analyzing services to numerous industries throughout Ireland and the UK. We provide a comprehensive range of testing and monitoring solutions for the extractive sector. We have developed relationships with the majority of quarries throughout the country and are on hand to provide technical assistance where necessary. CE marking of construction products has become an essential part of the industry and BHP can assist in gaining and maintaining such certification. The services which BHP provides to the quarry and mining sector are;

  • Aggregate Crushing Value

  • Ten Percent Fines Value

  • Particle Size Distribution

  • Flakiness Index

  • Resistance to Fragmentation (Los Angles Method)

  • Particle Density & Water Absorption

  • Magnesium Sulphate Soundness Test

  • Moisture Content

  • Slake Durability

  • Methylene Blue Test


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