Bitumen Testing

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BHP is the largest independent construction materials testing laboratory in Ireland providing a wide range of engineering measuring, testing and analyzing services to numerous industries throughout Ireland and the UK. We provide a comprehensive range of testing solutions for the analysis of bituminous materials. We have developed relationships with the majority of bitumen providers throughout the country and are on hand to provide technical assistance where necessary. BHP provides on site services for the removal of bitumen cores on highway construction projects. We have the latest coring equipment including a trailer rig which provides a cost effective and fast removal of cores roadside.

The tests which we hold INAB ISO 17025 accreditation for are listed below:

  • Binder Content By Ignition

  • Maximum Density (Volumetric procedure)

  • Bulk Density

  • Voids Content

  • Texture Depth (Sand Patch Method)

  • Macrotexture Depth (Volumetric Patch)

  • Slip/Skid Resistance (Pendulum Test)


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