Site Investigation

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BHP Laboratories provides Site Investigation services to clients in the construction industry, including main contractors, designers, consulting engineers, owners/developers, and other relevant parties. These services are made up of field-based work and laboratory work, and includes:

  • Desk study
  • Trial Pitting & Slit Trenching
  • Dynamic Sampling (window sampling)
  • Dynamic Probing
  • Shallow Rotary Soil Drilling
  • Soakaway, Infiltration, Percolation Tests
  • Environmental Assessments & Sampling
  • In-Situ Testing
    • Plate Bearing & CBR Testing
    • Nuclear Density Gauge Testing
    • TRL Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP) Testing
    • Shear Vane Testing
    • Sand Replacement Density
  • Ground Improvement / Stabilisation Trials
    • Lime & Cement addition
  • Compaction Control Determination
    • Variable energy, assisted and automated hammering device for determination of insitu density. Allows for accurate measurement of cone resistance, qd (MPa) and estimation of bearing capacity (kPa).
    • Utilising a GRIZZLY machine, its use confirms to compaction control standard NF-P-94-063. Dedicated software makes it possible to automatically calculate anomalies for all materials.


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